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Rocks Digital is a full-service Dallas digital marketing agency offering a comprehensive range of online solutions. From growing your brand’s visibility with SEO, Google Business Profile (GBP) and paid search solutions to maximizing sales with superior web design, tracking and optimization, count on us to elevate your digital presence. Connect with our digital marketing specialists today and we’ll get to work on a custom strategy that takes your business to the next level.

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Digital Marketing Agency Services for Dallas Businesses

Success online involves reaching your ideal audience and guiding them from brand discovery to completing a purchase. This journey involves every interaction your audience will have with your brand, whether via business listings, paid search ads and other important components. At Rocks Digital we are experts in creating a smooth path for your customers, combining search marketing, paid ads and strong branding into one integrated strategy. Over many years our creative, results-driven approach has delivered stellar results for local Texas businesses, startups and national brands.

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How Our Digital Marketing Agency Services Can Help Your Business

As an experienced digital marketing agency, our services reflect the ongoing evolution of search engines, web design trends and paid search advertising requirements. We understand what’s working right now across our range of digital marketing solutions.

Looking for the Best Dallas SEO Company?

In recent years, local SEO has proven to be one of the best investments a business can make. Whether it’s reaching local customers with location-specific keywords or driving traffic to business websites via a Google Business Profile, optimizing for search engines continues to deliver superior results.

As a leading Dallas SEO company, we’re here to help your business reach the top positions in local searches. We apply our tried-n-true on-page SEO services to your business website for undeniable results.

We Start With a Website SEO Analysis

During an SEO analysis we’ll examine how your current website places in search results, including studying the current keyword usage and identifying keyword gaps that need to be addressed.

This analysis includes looking at on-page SEO, technical SEO, content quality, internal linking, site structure and the overall user experience.

We’ll also look at service page structure, image naming, alt text for images and Schema markup (to name just a few of the items we evaluate).

This is made possible by visually studying the website and leveraging tools such as Screaming Frog and SEMRush.

Dallas Web Design and Website Development Solutions

As the focal point of a business, a website needs to convey trust, offer a positive user experience, promote a brand’s values and generate leads – all at once. Quality web design and web development services are essential to accomplishing this task. Our Dallas web design agency will ensure your business has a website that meets every objective, from fast loading times and eye-catching visuals to effective branding and flawless navigation.

Our Website Design & Web Development Process Is Exacting

  1. We will investigate the business’ needs and get a feel for client website preferences and desired features.
  2. The graphic artist designs the new home page look from a wireframe.
  3. The home page design is presented to the client and any necessary design adjustments are made.
  4. Upon approval of the home page design, the graphic artist will then design the interior layout(s).
  5. Web development begins once all website designs are approved.
  6. When the entire website is developed, the new website is presented to the client.
  7. Once the new website is approved, the new website is taken live!

Highly-Effective PPC and Paid Search Advertising Campaigns

At Rocks Digital, our paid search advertising specialists help Dallas businesses reach customers quickly. Using services like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and other pay-per-click networks, we identify your business’ audience, develop custom paid search campaigns, then optimize to boost the impact of your ad spend.

We start by examining your current paid search advertising efforts, the methods that have worked in the past – and which ones have not.

We create custom landing pages, focused content for a higher quality score, lead funnels, call tracking and much more to ensure your paid advertising campaign is set up for success.

Content Writing Services That Convert

Service pages, blog posts, infographics and GBP posts are examples of the content writing and marketing services required to reach customers today. The Dallas digital marketing agency in charge of your content strategy must develop a brand voice, applying it to business output in a way that builds interest and moves leads towards purchases.

How Our Agency Writes SEO-Focused Content That Gets Results

We know what it takes to help a local business place in search results. By setting benchmarks and using the data gathered in the initial SEO analysis (and through ongoing keyword tracking), we write content focused on moving up keyword rankings for specific high search volume phrases that are not placing as high in search results as the business should be.

You can throw a rock and hit 20 people who can write a blog post. However, hitting the person who can write a blog post that’s focused on keyword rankings and getting a featured snippet while writing for the best user experience (as it integrates keyword phrases and semantic search) requires special balances.

We are experts in both content writing and SEO at Rocks Digital, and our goal is to make the magic happen.

Website Tracking and Optimization Services

Website conversion tracking and optimization is an overlooked aspect of digital marketing success. The team at Rocks Digital places data at the core of a campaign, using Google Analytics and conversion rate optimization to maximize every element of our SEO, PPC and content strategies. With this clear-sighted approach to data we can streamline the customer’s journey from awareness to conversion.

Setting Up Proper Google Analytics Tracking Is Foundational to a Website’s Success

When Google Analytics (including goals and events) is improperly configured, then how can a digital marketing agency accurately report how they are performing for a business, or how the website is performing?

At Rocks Digital, tracking is at the heart of everything that we do. From ensuring that each location page has a unique form and thank you page created, to making sure the goal fires properly when a form is completed.

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console are just a few of the most important tools for tracking and conversion rate optimization that our Dallas digital marketing agency employs.

Top Dallas Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Services

Rocks Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides solutions for businesses in Dallas and beyond. We can help you get traffic, increase conversions and make more sales with our SEO, web design, PPC and content services. Call (214) 989-7549 or request a website evaluation today.



    Web Design & Development

    Your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. We build websites for desktop and mobile that are both.


    Your website needs to attract search engines and consumers. We are experts in local search and SEO, and can make that happen.


    Anybody can write words on a page, but can they write content that integrates SEO best practices and converts? We can.

    PPC & Paid Search

    PPC & Paid Search

    Need more customers? We create paid campaigns to reach your target audience and increase sales.

    Tracking & Optimization

    You need a solid foundation for success online, and our tracking & optimization services get it done.

    Graphic Design Services

    Graphic Design Services

    From logo design to your business card, brochures – and everything in-between for print & web – we can help!

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